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The Truth Lies on Earth: A Year by Dark, by Bright by Peter Neil Carroll

coverSmall moments, intimate scenes, expansive import: these are the bedrock of The Truth Lies on Earth by Peter Neil Carroll.

Sample Poems by Peter Neil Carroll

“No one explores the circularity of life, its rhythms, pitfalls, and small miracles, better than Peter Neil Carroll, a master at weaving nature into narrative. What I like best in this fine collection are the poems about women. Carroll’s love of strong, self-sufficient women—‘what she required she’d find/in herself’—celebrates both women he knew and those he could only fantasize about. Fierce, reflective and reverent, his poetry is filled with wisdom and wry wit. ‘The trick,’ Carroll tells us, ‘is to study the light/the year by dark, by bright.’ No one says it better.”—Alexis Rhone Fancher, Poetry Editor, Cultural Weekly

“The Truth Lies on Earth is a place of both quietude and raucous celebration. Find here the gorgeous cyclical world we share with the cormorant and willow and every creature in between, rendered without flinching and infused with the difficult process of letting go.”—Caroline Goodwin, First San Mateo County Poet Laureate, author of Peregrine and Trapline

“In his latest book, Peter Neil Carroll explores the changing natural and human landscape with an observant eye. In poems that are meditative, sometimes lonely, Carroll is the eavesdropper in a café, the unseen observer on a beach, a student of light, of seasons, of days that grow and diminish by the minute. Rarely judgmental, the poems show us ‘rage, birth, death,’ with a heart that ‘hears no moral, merely marvels.’ The book culminates in a long, wonderful elegy for his mother that is simply terrific.”—Roy Mash, author of Buyer's Remorse

Peter Neil Carroll is the author of three previous collections, Fracking Dakota, Riverborne: A Mississippi Requiem and A Child Turns Back to Wave: Poetry of Lost Places, which won the Prize Americana in 2012.  Other books include the memoir Keeping Time. His poems have appeared in many journals. He has taught creative writing at the University of San Francisco, taught history and American Studies at Stanford and Berkeley, and hosted “Booktalk” on Pacifica Radio. He lives in northern California with the writer/photographer Jeannette Ferrary.

ISBN: 978-1625492180, 102 pages, softcover

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