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Imagine a Door, Poems by Laura Longsong

Laura Longsong’s Imagine a Door opens a door into a rich world, depicted in gritty narratives and tender lyrics. Longsong’s skillful evocation of this world, remembered but as vivid as the present, is compelling.

Sample Poems by Laura Longsong

“Through the changing landscapes of Imagine a Door—from the hills and highways of Appalachia to the arroyos of the desert—Laura Longsong maintains two paradoxical constants: the fixed marks of stars and the confrontation of uncertainty. The stars themselves are this collection's imagined doors, always accessible—behind eyes, among flowers, in the sky—and always elusive, doors that this artful poet helps us imagine and which, because of these strong, melodic poems, we can open ourselves.”—Martha Serpas, author of The Dirty Side of the Storm and Côte Blanche

“These poems are peopled – her feet-on-the-ground men and women speak with deep emotion—but it is her connection to nature that, for me, yields the richest surprises. This is a book whose passion is tempered by such precision of language that, from the ‘pathless/ dizzied fields’ of a life, she has made something strong in all the fragile places.”—Rosellen Brown, author of Before and After and Cora Fry’s Pillow Book

“Laura Longsong’s world is one of constant transformation, and she has taught herself to turn that world into language and then to choreograph that language into fascinating musical patterns. ‘Aloft, alight, fireflies trace a web / of one moment becoming another,’ she writes, and that tracery is her own vocation, too. At the end of the book she finds herself outside a post office in Marfa, Texas, studying a yucca that conceals a singing bird. What a journey it has been, for her and for her reader, and what promise it holds for yet more music and further transformations!”—David Young, author of Black Lab and editor of Field

Laura Longsong grew up in West Virginia, graduated from Oberlin College, then lived in Austin, Houston, and Marfa, Texas. She now lives and teaches in Virginia. Her poetry and fiction have received a James Michener Fellowship, Donald Barthelme Fellowship, Texas Individual Artist Grant, PEN-Texas Award, and Pushcart Prize nominations.

ISBN:978-1934999516, 84 pages

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