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Life and the Fields, Poems by George Keithley

George Keithley's poems in Life and the Fields offer the work of a lifetime, delving through one's man vision into and across history, weaving stories and lyrics into a rich whole.

Sample Poems by George Keithley

On Song in a Strange Land:

"Poetry that is both muscailly haunting an d intellectually rigorous is rare, indeed, and Keithley's achievement, so far, is nothing like any poetry that is being written today."-Joyce Carol Oates

On The Donner Party

"An archetypal American adventure."-The Atlantic

On Earth's Eye

"Keithley's sly, elusive rhymes are wonderful, his dramatic monologues gripping, his voice resonant."-Booklist

George Keithley's epic poem The Donner Party was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection and has been adapted as a play and an opera. He and his wife live in Chico, California. His recent collections include The Starry Messenger and Night's Body.

ISBN-13: 978-1625492968, 216 pages, $24

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