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Percussive, Poems by Chuck Joy

cover "Narrative poetry, right up my alley!" says Chuck Joy, selecting poems for Percussive, this collection, poems sourced from a recent sequence of his on-going poem flow. Poems telling stories, line by line, each line its own beat, the lines turned into little movies, soundtrack, characters, men and women, sometimes it's him, mostly it isn't, always we are there, often in New York. All of it words, taps on the drumhead, Percussive, a consciousness to share delivered in measured doses, the poems then arranged and re-arranged by him into a certain order to finally describe an emotional and informational arc, beginning middle and end, from an author with a strong imagination, for whom building from strengths is a way of life.

Sample Poems by Chuck Joy

"Chuck Joy is a poet whose sharp eye, impeccable ear, singular wisdom, and enormous heart move the reader to places of discovery and intrigue on par with the world's most accomplished astronomers and artists. All the poems in this splendid collection move with Isadora Duncan-esque dexterity, and cogently demonstrate Carl Sandburg's notion that 'Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.' No poet writing today listens, speaks, sings, or moves on the page quite like Chuck Joy does. Percussive and then some."-Joey Nicoletti