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Poems that Could End the World, Poems by Ronald A. Busse

Nominated for an Elgin Award

An imaginative, gripping collection of speculative poetry embracing science-fiction and horror, Ronald A. Busse's second book is tied to the belief that the end of the world is imminent - whether it be happening now, long ago, or far off in the future. Explore various traditional poetic forms (listed in a handy Poetic Form Index), along with a potent shot of free verse as you encounter the recurring themes of death, environment, climate change, and alien life, while meeting some unsettling characters along the way. A blade of humor carves a chink of light in the darkness.

Sample Poems by Ronald A. Busse

"I greatly enjoyed the rhythm of these pieces. It's subtle and doesn't feel bouncy or jaunty, but the use of rhyme and assonance makes them flow in a very pleasing manner." - Krishan Coupland, editor of Neon literary magazine

ISBN: 978-1625493620, 82 pages

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