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In the Absence, Poems by Dara Barnat

Dara Barnat's In the Absence evokes a yearning of the spirit so strong that it becomes presence, its light unstopped.

Sample Poems by Dara Barnat

"The poems in Dara Barnat's stunning debut poetry collection In the Absence are courageous and beautifully crafted articulations of loss. Telling the tale of a father's death, after he was afflicted by mental illness, these poems speak with delicacy, certainty, and great compassion - for her father, herself, and all who have lived loss. She offers us 'grief's language' as it 'slips across borders' and into our hearts. With Whitman as guiding spirit, these poems gently lead us into and through loss, toward a quietly asserted light, and toward an unexpected, wholly earned, 'luck' at book's end. In the Absence is an utterly necessary poetry collection, a great gift to us all."-Rachel Tzvia Back

"'We decide nothing / is more desirable / than love from the dead,' Dara Barnat writes in her wise and poignant first collection. In the Absence tracks a father's vanishing-first into a room, then into delusion, and finally death. Poems that range from investigations to parables interrogate a daughter's bewilderment, asking what to remember, what to forget and, most important of all, how to forgive."-Jody Bolz

ISBN-13:978-1625492074, 102 pages, $19

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