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Fathom, Poems by Melissa Morphew

The poems of Melissa Morphew’s Fathom draw their stories from the incidents of daily life, and do so with such brio that the world is transformed into Morphew’s sensual, joyous vision.

Sample Poems by Melissa Morphew

“Loving language in and of itself, for how it sounds, for the meaning one might make, for its plasticity and formal qualities (as, for example, the painter’s medium is paint, the composer’s medium, notes), often motivates a person to write poems. Alas, it is not axiomatic that the greater the love of language the stronger the poet. In Melissa Morphew’s case, gladly, a passion for the medium and a deep knowledge of its possibilities, has joined with the practical skill required to make merry and make sorrowful, take us to bed and to bounty, to the odd and the familiar, to worlds-upon- worlds, and to do so beautifully, lavishly, intricately and interestingly. Reading Fathom is a joyful, dazzling, elegant experience.”—Gray Jacobik

Melissa Morphew, a native of Tennessee, currently lives in Texas where she is associate professor of English and creative writing at Sam Houston State University.Her work has appeared widely in such journals as The Georgia Review, Shenandoah, Prairie Schooner, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Parnassus: Poetry in Review.  She is the recipient of an Individual Artist’s Grant in Poetry from the Tennessee Arts Commission, winner of the Randall Jarrell International Poetry Prize, winner of the W.B. Yeats Society Award in Poetry, as well as, several other prizes and honors. She is a four-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize. Her previous collections include Hunger and Heat: The Missionary Letters (Anabiosis Press, 1995) and The Garden Where All Loves End (La Jolla Poets Press, 1997).

ISBN: 1933456213, 100 pages, $17.00

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