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Seeded Light, Poems by Edward Byrne

The refined poems of Edward Byrne’s Seeded Light invite the reader into a spacious world, where Byrne’s attentiveness to the present and the past enlarge readers’ awareness of their own worlds.

Sample Poems by Edward Byrne

“Dante had his terza rima, and now Edward Byrne shows the lyric couplet to be a form with its own remarkable flexibility and narrative capacity. He begins ‘by myself in the middle,’ gathering family and friends, poets and neighbors, in his own version of a life’s journey. Seeded Light is memorial and social, scenic and intimate, by turns, providing a humane pathway of one gentle man’s passage through the world in all its weather and worry. In the end, the true work of Byrne’s graceful lyricism is ‘conferring blessing upon’ us all, reader, neighbor, and fellow wanderer. Seeded Light shines with this gift.”—David Baker

“Edward Byrne’s Seeded Light offers abundant evidence of a mind’s alertness to the world of nature and to modern urban reality, these presented as sites where experience may be sifted for clues to a destiny. The fineness of Byrne’s perceptions and the musicality of his lines make following his journeys an instructive pleasure. His receptive point of view, one usually associated with Romantic solitude, is, in more than half the poems, trumped by the author’s use of the pronoun ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ Perhaps that sense of being accompanied is one source for the confidence that allows him to see in the universe ‘a welcoming we might almost return.’”—Alfred Corn

Seeded Light is Edward Byrne’s sixth collection of poetry. His works also have appeared in numerous literary journals—including American Literary Review, American Poetry Review, American Scholar, The Literary Review, Mid-American Review, Missouri Review, North American Review, and Southern Humanities Review—as well as an assortment of poetry anthologies. In addition, he has written essays for various critical texts, such as Mark Strand (Chelsea House), edited by Harold Bloom, and Condition of the Spirit: the Life and Work of Larry Levis (Eastern Washington University Press), edited by Christopher Buckley and Alexander Long. Byrne is a professor of American literature and creative writing at Valparaiso University, where he serves as the editor of Valparaiso Poetry Review.

ISBN 978-1934999783, 104 pages, $18.00

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